Hoi An

During our travels with Michelle’s brother and his girlfriend we visited a town in Vietnam called Hoi An. It is on the coast, near Da Nang, and is known for it’s old town and canals. Hoi An also has some really good food! There’s a lot to do in the area, but we only had a few days, so we only fit in a few things. For one day we rented bicycles and rode over the new bridge connecting the town to the adjacent island, Cam Kim. Two things of particular interest that we saw:

altRice paper drying in the sun

altWoven basket boats being made

Also present: quiet roads, rice paddies, water buffaloes and a lot of sun.

Uncle Ho

mud buffalo

tied boat

On our next day, we rented motorbikes and rode for about an hour (a large part of which was on the highway next to some large trucks!) to the Champa ruins of Hindu temples at My Son.

It was a hot day, so we were all glad for the wind in our faces on the motorbike ride back to Hoi An, before going out for a great dinner at Nu Eatery and saying goodbye to Craig and Ariel. The next day Michelle and I took the train to Ho Chi Minh City, while they flew there to catch a connecting flight for their long trip back to the States.


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