Black Friday in Ho Chi Minh City

Formerly known as Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City felt very far from our experiences of living in Hanoi, in the North. Ho Chi Minh has a feeling of modernity to it that Hanoi lacks. I liked that Hanoi didn’t feel modern. Despite that, we enjoyed our few days in the city, did some sight-seeing and ate some much-missed international food.

high rise

Notre Dame


opera arch

opera arch

opera arch

While walking around we happened to encounter a black Friday sale. We had seen a few businesses that offered specials on the day or the weekend after Thanksgiving (even though it’s Vietnam), but what we saw was an entire parking lot turned into a sale. There was an inflatable entry arch, as well as costumed characters. Apparently, Black Friday is international. (Despite the hoopla, we did not purchase anything!)

opera arch

opera arch


2 thoughts on “Black Friday in Ho Chi Minh City”

  1. Interested in knowing what typical meals are like there. Have they become westernized at all? Big meal in the middle of the day? Mostly fruits and veggies?


    1. The girls we lived with really weren’t westernized in terms of the meals we ate with them. They cooked a big meal at lunch, and dinner was either another large meal or some lunch leftovers with a few extras (both lunch and dinner always accompanied by rice). On occasion we had pork or duck, more often chicken or fish was served. Tofu was frequent. Many meals come with fresh vegetables (cucumber & carrot) and there’s almost always fresh herbs (cilantro & mint). Chopped fresh chilis (the small spicy ones) are often offered in a dish. Fish sauce is used in most dishes, or at the very least in a dish on the side. There were a lot of vegetarian options, but that could be because they were cooking for Michelle also and she’s vegetarian (and the rest of us were more than happy to eat vegetarian food!) We regularly had fruit for dessert or as a snack. The Vietnamese people that we knew loved fruit of all kinds!


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