A few downtown Yangon sights

By chance, we were in Yangon while the first few days of the 9th Yangon Photo Festival were taking place. There were a few public art installations (my favorites can be seen below: a sculpture made of spoons and colorful umbrellas arranged above a pedestrian walkway over a busy intersection) around the downtown area, centered in Maha Bandoola park beside city hall, along with evening presentations on a big screen in the park of photography work by Myanmar students-turned photographers. Click here and watch some of the stories that these talented folks have created.

We also took a Michelle-guided walking tour of part of downtown and saw some interesting sights.

Resting in the shade

Unbelievably, this was totally unplanned.


old dirty building


old minister's building

holding hands

A man’s hands hang out of a window as he escapes the heat, napping in the back of a parked bus.

Brick post office

The old brick post office is still in use near the river.


Yangon is developing quickly, often leaving old buildings looking lonely, sandwiched between new.

Old arch

The north side of the old minister’s building is still in need of repair.

looking in

Bonnie peeks around the construction fence for a view of the restoration.

Sule pagoda

Sule Pagoda, located adjacent to city hall, glows gold in spotlights.


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