Going away

Michelle wrote about Zwekabin Myay school and the students. As she said, it was a really great experience. It’s hard to really describe the students, though. The first few days of school they were a little hesitant and seemed scared to interact with us. For most of them it was their first time away from their families and, I’d imagine, the first time they’d spent around westerners. As the days and weeks passed, they opened up more and really started to show their personalities. We just left school 3 weeks ago (after 2 months teaching) to travel the rest of Myanmar and we received an amazing goodbye from everyone. We were given a group photo signed by all of the students with some really nice messages. They also surprised us with a water buffalo horn traditionally used to call villagers to meetings. It was totally unexpected; we were stunned.

Further, one of the students had been making a hammock and was kind enough to give it to us. Oh, and emotions. They gave us a lot of emotions! On the way out of the school for the last time, I ran through to make sure I had said one last goodbye to each person. At least 3 were crying. One of the students volunteered to drive us into town to catch the bus. About 10 students came along on the 3-wheeler ride to see us off. It was really touching and was the best going away present we could’ve asked for. We’re already trying to make plans for a return visit to our new favorite country. Don’t tell, though, we want it to be a surprise!


2 thoughts on “Going away”

  1. Marc and Michelle, you are two very special people with unique qualities and skills that enable you to connect with people around the globe, irrespective of race, religion, national origin, etc. I love reading about your interesting life and look forward to following you in the years to come. Might a book be in your future? Who knows what’s ahead for you or how all of these experiences will influence your choices? Certainly you will continue to live life as an adventure. Admiringly, Ellen


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