Hello America!

After leaving Morocco we flew back to our home of record, Colorado, where our dog, our stuff, and Michelle’s parents are. We spent about 4 weeks in and around the state before setting off again for more international adventures. What did we do with our time? Played with the dog (a lot!), cooked and ate delicious food (smoked salmon dip, hummus, nachos, tofu, CHEESE, and smoked a turkey for early thanksgiving), watched (American) football, spent time with Michelle’s family, and went camping.

Leila: a Key Largo dog

bat-eared Leila

Playing with the dog was a blast, we had missed her a lot while we were away. She’s a ridiculous, adorable mutt that we are both quite attached to. After being gone for almost 2 years we had wondered if she would remember us; we discovered at the Denver International Airport that she did. When Michelle’s parents pulled up to meet us (with ALL of our baggage) we discovered Leila eagerly awaiting us in the back seat. Best coming-home surprise ever! We had definitely been missing dogs while in Morocco; they’re considered unclean in (Muslim) Morocco and are usually only kept as guards or for work (like sheep herding).

Wyoming welcome center

Welcome to Wyoming

Camping and hiking was a lot of fun and I saw Wyoming for the first time as we visited Yellowstone, the Tetons and then Rocky Mountain National Park back in Colorado. We saw so much; bison, elk, a moose, bears (from a distance), a fox passing through our campsite, pronghorn, a pika! and amazing views. *Pikas are small mammals with round bodies and fairly big round ears. This is a drawing by a super talented friend of mine that I worked with at the California Academy of Sciences: click me!

Finally, just days before flying to Vietnam we joined Michelle’s parents in picking tomatoes and Anaheim chilis (an annual event for them). As we had been eating the hell out of their stockpile of vacuum sealed frozen green chilis, it only seemed fair to help replenish the trove.

Anaheim chilis

A couple bushels of tomatoes

ps-Hey everyone! Thanks for your interest in our adventures! With a bit of spare time on my hands during our current adventure I’ve taken on the challenge of figuring out how to do some coding (the fancy symbols and stuff that make a web page look how it does). This blog post is my first attempt. If you have a moment, do me a favor and let me know what you think about how it looks in the comments or in a message. Does everything seem uniform? Are the images straight and aligned in a rational manner? Any and all thoughts are greatly appreciated!!

Thanks again!


2 thoughts on “Hello America!”

  1. Marc, besides the fact that everything was upside-down and backwards, it is perfect!😉 Seriously, thanks for sharing your wonderful adventures. Also, having lived through the Viet Nam war, hard to wrap my head around people from our country going there for vacations and adventures now. Hope you’ll keep us up to date on what it’s like currently
    . What an opportunity!


    1. Hah! Thank you! The war is something I think about somewhat frequently here (but I like to call it the “American war”). The thing that amazes me and that I love so much is that despite that very difficult time of war, the Vietnamese people (all the ones I’ve met, at least) are so friendly and welcoming and happy to see us and eager to speak with us. Vietnam is an incredible country!


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