Certificates are a big deal here, in Morocco. Participants expect to receive certificates after taking part in most activities. Also expected is that the certificates will have an official stamp on them, in order to prove their authenticity, I assume. Michelle and I learned all of this the hard way.

The first time we had reason to give out certificates, I spent time on the computer, creating our own original design. I was pleased with the results and thought they looked pretty good. Michelle and I signed and wrote each person’s name on the certificates and presented them to the recipients. The first comment we heard was, “What good is this to me if it doesn’t have a stamp?” Ouch. Since then, we’ve tried to figure out why there is such great importance placed upon certificates. We reason that it ties into the high unemployment rate in Morocco. Many of the youth are unable to find gainful employment, and they seem to use certificates from their non-paid activities (training, volunteer work, camps they help out with, etc…) as a measure, or proof, of their success. It’s probably something that one of them could show a prospective employer, IF they were to get that far along in the hiring process. As I said, unemployment is high in Morocco.

space cert
Space Camp Certificate!

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