Independence Day 2015, part 2

At long last, the continuation of our activities from Independence Day (which was months ago). Pardon my tardiness!

After having lunch, Michelle and I headed back to the dar chebab (the public speaking competition having been that morning), for class. When we arrived we found that the auditorium was full of drari (young kids). I asked what was happening and was told that there was another competition, this one a Quran reading contest. That was all I needed to hear; into the auditorium I went, to find a seat.

Unfortunately, I arrived in time only to hear the final participant reciting his final Quran verses, but it was better than missing all of it. Then the winners of the competition were announced, and the music was turned up. Loud. Really loud. And the animator began trying to keep the kids entertained.

I was told that we were waiting for the rest of the kids in the chess tournament to finish up and join us in the auditorium. To join us in order to…?

…To send in the clowns.

Yep, there were two clowns with a whole routine worked out. The audience loved it; they killed! I was sitting with Abdessamad and Hamza during the clown performance, and these two 22 year old guys laughed harder than many of the drari.

At one point, the performance involved the animator asking trivia questions of the two clowns, and then bringing a child from the crowd to give the correct answer (after the clowns had given ridiculously incorrect answers). One question was, “who discovered America?” As one of the clowns was… clowning… and the word “America” was said a lot, I realized that the animator and the clown had both made eye contact with me and were pointing at me saying America. Every kid in the audience turned to look at me… But, I was glad to realize, I was not being called up to the stage as I had assumed. Whew. Dodged that bullet.

There was also a dance team… that included the clowns!!

What a day, what a day…

In the near future, look for the continuation of this post: the story of the next day’s awards ceremony at the new stadium!


One thought on “Independence Day 2015, part 2”

  1. You are having such an adventure! How wonderful to become fully enmeshed in another culture and really get to know the people.


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