Hiking in the South

After back to back camps (and lack of sleep convincing teenage girls, every night, that it’s time to go sleep), I went home, picked up Marc, and then we went down south for a hiking trip with friends.  It was 6 days, 5 nights in the desert mountains.  It was kind of our own wellness retreat to leave our sites, get into nature, and have fun.  Although the pictures don’t do it justice, here are some anyway…

The start

In case anyone was wondering what Marc’s beard is looking like these days…


Look, there’s some green stuff!
Goats were everywhere, here are just a few.


Nights and Mornings:


Other pictures by our friends on the trip (with a super nice camera):

This trip was also a Dental Hygiene Outreach trip.  We had toothbrushes donated to us by Global Grins, which we distributed to families along our hike.  We also had a song, in Tamazight (which is one of the Shilha, or Berber, languages that is spoken in this area) about the importance of brushing your teeth.  We stopped at a small school in a village to sing this song and hand out toothbrushes.


Half of us live in the North and the other half live in the South – so for us Northerners, it was a pretty long trip, but totally worth it!  A snowstorm blew through the country on the day that we were heading back to site.  The snow closed the pass that we needed to take to get home, so that delayed us a few days, but we saw snow!  For those that don’t know, it’s been a VERY unusually warm and dry winter here in Morocco, and this was the first snow.


And to finish it off…Moroccans playing with snow.



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