3ndna pikalat (we have bikes)!!

Peace Corps gives additional funds to volunteers to purchase bikes, given they demonstrate a clear need for them.  We were recently approved to buy bikes and went to go buy them.

Where do you go to buy bikes?  In our town, you go to the jottaya, duh.  The jottaya has everything – including a really good selection of used bikes from wherever (probably Europe).

Bikes for Sale
Bikes for Sale

We tested some out, bargained a little, and voilà – we have bikes!

Michelle's Bike
Michelle’s Bike
Marc's Bike
Marc’s Bike

Shwia b shwia (little by little), we are adding to our bikes.  I got a basket, and we both got new seats.  Eventually we’ll add fenders to our tires, hopefully before winter when the rains (and mud) come.  And of course, Marc’s getting pink streamers for his handlebars and adding some flair to the spokes, inshallah…


2 thoughts on “3ndna pikalat (we have bikes)!!”

  1. Marc and Michelle, I love your posts, enjoy reading every one, have such admiration for what you’re doing and love your spirit of adventure. Either you were ‘go with the flow’ people before Morocco or you’ve evolved. This seems like an ideal life for you. Peace and thanks, Ellen


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