Happy Birthday Hassan III !

Yesterday we had a class at the Dar Chebab. Our class was scheduled to start at 5:00, but all of the rooms were full when we arrived. There were drums playing in the auditorium and kids peaking in through the doors and windows. More kids in the large meeting room, and 2 people from the government ministry office made time to greet us and test our darija (as happens frequently) before running off busily. After a short wait in the front courtyard, one of our students arrived and helped us figure out what was happening.

Yesterday was the birthday of the Crown Prince of Morocco, Hassan III.

We hadn’t known this or the fact that there would be a parade. We were equally unaware that the parade would gather and leave from the Dar Chebab.

This was, apparently, a scene that repeated itself all across Morocco.

Our town featured:

  • A giant portrait of the King
  • an image of the Prince
  • a child in a monkey costume
  • another child as an elephant
  • a man on stilts (you might be able to see him in the video at about 0:30, in the back right).

Friends in another town had their photos taken with Mickey and Minnie Mouse.


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