Camp Week – part 2

The second half of camp week featured theater class, a more organized dance class, continuation of our LCF’s (Language and Culture Facilitator) “choreography” class, and the grande finale of the camp: the “spectac” (see spectac post).

The theater class featured a short skit about not cutting down trees; the trees were played by kids that dropped to the ground, dead, after being “cut down”.  Then the featured singer broke into Michael Jackson’s “Heal the World”, with the dead trees slowly rising and singing chorus.

I was pulled into the theater class to help fill out the forest on the second and final day of practice/rehearsal.  I was tasked with attempting to get all the kids swaying back and forth to the beat, on the same foot at the same time.  This proved far more difficult (read impossible) than we ever would’ve expected.  There was great enthusiasm, however, from everyone involved.  

The second round of the dance class was, apparently, more organized (as reported by my wife, there was a much more rational number of students to work with and they were actually interested in dancing and not pingpong).  They put together an act where they danced the Macarena; an older one, but a good one. Several of the boys in the class put together their own little dance featuring some “light” breakdancing.

This left just the choreography class run by our language teacher, about which we had heard nothing.  We’d just have to wait for the spectac to see what they’d been practicing…


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