Peek into a bag of hoobz… Delicious bread-y goodness. Many trainees are finding the quantity and frequency of hoobz a bit overwhelming, and every now and then I’m included. Let’s just say that all the hoobz can overload the American digestive system. For the most part, though, I can and do eat it all day long (breakfast, lunch, kaskrut, dinner…) It’s so so good, especially when compared with the pitiful prepackaged loaves that are so frequently found in American grocery stores. When asked to describe hoobz, my wife replies, “which kind? there’s so many!” The most common we have now? Check out the picture above; a round of bread about 6-8 inches across. Hoobz is often (read always) used as a utensil to scoop, grab, and sop up meals. As the left hand is not used, also imagine tearing off a hunk of hearty bread using just one hand. Thanks to another married couple in our training staj (group) for showing us the best technique to accomplish this (which they dutifully learned from their host family). The hoobz is so ubiquitous and infamous, at least amongst our class of 5 trainees, that you can often hear one (or all) of us yelling, “HOOBZ!” with little to no provocation. I’m not sure that any Moroccans outside of our language teacher gets the joke, but that’s ok. gotta go, time to eat hoobz.



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