Milwee (am I spelling this right?)

What’s is milwee? See photo, above; I’m not really sure how to describe it. Maybe kind of like a layer-y pancake? Thinner, though. How about a cross between a pancake and a flour tortilla, with a tiny bit of baklava thrown in (but without the sweetness and flakiness)? The joy of it is that you can go to the soup shop (kind of like a cafe for soup) and get milwee with your harrira (soup; seems to be tomato based, with garbanzos and small short noodles). The milwee could be drizzled with honey or chocolate or maybe filled with cheese. Thus far I’ve only had one topping/filling. Care to guess what?

None of the above. There’s another, far more delicious (in my opinion), filling: onions spices and sheep fat (called milwi b shHma). It tasted like cheese, but a really really good cheese. I’m sure that most who read sheep fat filled anything will be slightly/mostly turned off. I was too. Then, Si Hnsh (Mr Snake; what we call the other guy in my training class) went for it. I figured I had better try it also. I almost changed my mind several times after ordering, but stuck it out and was glad when it arrived on the table. Delicious!!

The moral of the story: eat sheep fat wrapped in dough. BUT, be prepared to pay for it over then next 24 hours. You did just eat sheep fat. See photo, below:



2 thoughts on “Milwee (am I spelling this right?)”

  1. Thanks Marc and Michelle for this wonderful journal to familiarize the home bound with your life in Morocco. I’m enjoying living vicariously and look forward to following your journey. The best to you ,both, Ellen


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