Frommage d jib (pocket cheese)

There are times when it would be nice to have an extra little snack. Most moroccan food is pretty great, but here’s a LOT of hoobz (bread). Sometimes in the first week or two I just couldn’t eat any more. That’s when I learned the joys of laughing cow cheese. You know those tiny little foil wrapped wedges of white cheese? That would be laughing cow.

While we were staying in the peace corps provided hotel, for the first 4 days, there was plenty of these delicious little treats, so I made it a habit to put one in my pocket “to go”. I frequently forgot about them, only to rediscover their presence later, during Darija class. When we left the hotel and moved into our CBT (community based training) sites with host families I began to enjoy the meals more. Thus, my need for cheese tapered off. A few days later, however, I was digging through the pocket of my bag and what did I find? Leftover cheese wedges! No need to refrigerate; still good! This was in the middle of class on the day we were learning about possessive words, so I figured I should apply some knowledge. Frommage=cheese. Jib=pocket. Dyal or d=possessive word.

We’ve called it pocket cheese since then. Learning Darija is fun… Most of the time!



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